We’re counting 
on you to do well.

Our programs don't require any upfront payments. We start from scratch and help you become job ready in 8 weeks. If you do not find a job, within 180 days after the bootcamp then you don’t pay anything. 

Why Gambit School is not your average bootcamp?



Our teaching staff is second to none and have years of experience building products and brands across different domains. We didn’t hire teachers who know products and business, instead we hired businessmen and professionals who love teaching.


Our learning paths ensure that you do not just learn the theoretical aspects of the course but also its application. Cliched as it may sound, you learn a lot better while doing than just reading. GS's bootcamp curriculum on average have about 25+ projects & exercises.


Less than 5% of the applications are accepted into our bootcamp due to our rigorous selection process. Plus, we have made a conscious effort to keep the batches small to ensure that enough attention is given to each candidate's development.

Career Services

We don’t want to just help you learn. Without the tools to navigate our job hunt, this course will not be as effective in getting you hired at a good position. GS's dedicated career services team will help you with things you need to get that dream job.

Just 8 Weeks 
to Employment

Gambit School's bootcamps are designed to be just long enough to give you the essential tools & knowledge to get you employed but also short enough so that you do not miss out on time that you could have spent being employed. 

Most other programs take 6-9 months to complete. That is 4-7 months of lost income which could be a huge difference maker to a lot of us. We help you get that training quickly and efficiently so that you get into a job ASAP.


Gambit School offers 4 career tracks.

Jr. Sales Executive

In this popular program we start basics of sales and customer relation management before moving to more advanced topics like lead generation, closing methods & BD processes.

Digital Marketer

This career track covers subjects ranging from basics of digital marketing to advanced digital business analytics aided with practical exercises, case studies and real-time projects. 

Sr. Sales Executive

General Analyst

Created for sales executives with 2+ years of experience to help them get to the sales force management. You'll learn about KPI tracking, goal planning & sales talent recruitment.

Staring from basics of analytics and business intelligence we graduate to advanced statistical methods and data applications based on real problems faced by companies & startups alike.

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